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3 generations of industry experience.

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At 3DL, our people are at the cutting edge of our industry.
What we do is our passion, not just our job.

Chris Roberts

Founder and Director

  • Licensed Customs Broker
  • DAWR Accredited (Bio Security)
  • FIATA Diploma International Freight Forwarding

Chris Roberts has over 28 years' experience in the shipping industry, starting his career with an Australian Vocational Traineeship with P&O Ports when he was 17. During this time, he was trained and licensed in all aspects of Stevedoring including both wharf and clerical operations. From there he took up a role with P&O Trans Australia Supervising the QAP Class 1.1 Warehouse, FAK Warehouse (S77g & S79) and Quarantine FCL yard operations, during which he gained a valuable insight into this side of the supply chain. During this time, he began the National Customs Brokers Course with the CBFCA and changed roles to Cartage Coordinator / Customs Compiler at one of Australia's benchmark Customs Brokerages and obtained his Customs Broker's License.

Since gaining his license, he has completed a CBFCA / ITALC (FIATA) Diploma in International Freight Forwarding and has successfully managed a newly licensed Corporate Customs Brokerage for a family Freight Forwarding business, prior to 3DL. His strengths lie in attention to detail, understanding customer needs and expectations. Chris is open to change and is prepared to meet the demands of an ever-changing industry and upgrade his qualifications and skill set as required. His industry wide experience means he has the tools and knowledge to ensure great outcomes. He has exceptional leadership qualities and is a great team player who will do what is necessary to achieve his objectives in an efficient manner while respecting those with whom he deals. Chris has been an active member of IFCBAA since 2009 beginning with the CBFCA QLD Regional Advisory Committee. His father Kingsleigh a member since 1970.

In 2015, as the only Licensed Customs Broker at his place of employment, the business was awarded the regional CBFCA award for Queensland and Northern Territory. That same year resigning from his role and with the blessing of his current employer, Chris launched 3DL Customs & Consulting with a vision to provide industry a Non-freight forwarding / Non-offshoring Customs and consulting service. Since the beginning of 3DL in 2015, 3DL have now grown to a team of over 20, with an individual average industry experience of over 28.5 years in our Brokerage team, with virtually zero staff turnover.

3DL Customs & Consulting achieved Australian Trusted Trader Status in 2017 and has maintained the highest standards in professionalism and compliance outcomes since inception.

Old school experience mixed with young people's technological capabilities have enabled the business to thrive year on year.

3DL Customs & Consulting has achieved DCN Customs brokerage of the year and has been a highly commended finalist each year since 2019.

Kingsleigh Roberts

Internal Auditing and Compliance Manager

  • (50 years Licensed)

Kingsleigh Roberts has had 53 years experiences in the industry. In 1962 he began as a Manifest Clerk with Nobles Transport, obtaining his license to act as a Customs Broker in 1966. Later that year, he moved to J.N. Campbell Customs Brokers. Two years later Kingsleigh moved to R. Jacksons Transport. Due to concerned that he was not using his brokering skills to his full potential, Kingsleigh took a more challenging position in 1970 with Jackson & Spring Customs Brokers. Later Kingsleigh was approached by the Manager of Tallerman & Co with an employment offer, which he accepted 1972. In addition to customs clearances responsibilities, Kingsleigh was responsible for many other aspects of the business, including the establishment of letters of credit, costings, checking accuracy of overseas orders, arranging cartage, etc.

In 1978, Kingsleigh took time out to help a friend in 1978 who was having health problems. After 10 months, he returned to Nobles Transport. In 1982, Nobles was sold to Finney Bryce Transport and Kingsleigh was retrenched as a consequence of the staff consolidation. Kingsleigh moved to Customs Air Clearances, where he remained for four years. This business was owned by a several brokerages to minimize their respective costs while airfreight was still in its infancy. The business closed and Kingsleigh started 1987 with Wallace International, after which the business grew nationally with offices in all major Capital cities. In that time Kingsleigh became an expert in Microsoft Excel, developing complex spreadsheet solutions to streamline the business, long before the advent of industry specific applications and database solutions. Kingsleigh was appointed as Wallace's National Customs Manager, remaining with there until 2010.

During tenure at Wallace, Kingsleigh obtained his Justice of the Peace credentials. He is a well known and respected industry professional with uncompromising morals and capabilities.

David Stewart

Senior Licensed Customs Broker

I have been a Licensed Broker operating out of Melbourne for more than 40 years. Experienced in all aspects of Customs clearance, including tariff concession & by-law applications, drawback applications, Valuation, AAT appeals, GST rulings, Free Trade Agreement provisions.

Bronwyn Anderson

Administration / Accounts / Cargowise Guru

After leaving school I completed 3 years of tertiary education in Psychological Science.

I initially entered the workforce on a permanent basis for a fast food chain in 2011. I worked my way up the ranks within that company until I became an Assistant Store Manager. During this time, I obtained qualifications such as Basic Management Training, ServSafe, Health and Safety for Managers and Fire Training - Confine Small Workplace Emergencies.

2016 saw me change things up a little with contract work as an CTP Underwriting Solutions officer for a large insurer. I had a range of duties including managing customer complaints, responding to a broad range of technical queries and ensuring a consistent approach to data quality across all schemes.

I started my career with 3DL in July of 2017 after becoming a mum. Currently my duties include basic accounting work, creating of jobs in CargoWise and basic data entry.

I am currently working through my certifications with CargoWise to reach the Professional Level Certification. 3DL is a fantastic place to work with real potential for career growth and flexible working arrangements like I have not seen anywhere else.

Toni Roberts

Accounts and Office Manager

Before devoting to fulltime work to 3DL, Toni has spent the past 18 years of her working life within the Insurance Industry. Her previous roles have enabled her to develop and refine her Firstline Leadership skills. She will be focused on planning, organisation and managing workflow at 3DL. She is passionate about Firstline Leadership and is extremely excited about 3DL's future and the opportunities 3DL will bring for its staff and their customers.