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Australia's future prosperity depends on our unique global positioning and isolation. Relatively free from foreign pests and diseases, we enjoy current and future economic advantages.

For this reason, we need to ensure what we do in business does not affect the future of our children and grandchildren.

Biosecurity is as regulated now as Customs traditionally has been. We at 3DL are of the beliefthat in the not-too-distant future, Biosecurity legislation is likely to become more complex through targeted intervention.

Therefore, if your supply chain is not planned well, you will be targeted more frequently which will significantly increase the cost of landing your goods ready for distribution.

  • Compliance Audits
  • Compliance Advice
  • Quarantine Management Plans

We are DAWR (Department of Agriculture and Water Recourses) Biosecurity accredited.

With many years experience in all facets of commodity and functions relating to this important barrier, you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

Biosecurity Facilitation and Consulting Specialists

Approved Arrangements

  • Identify, propose, develop and implementation of Biosecurity third party arrangements to allow industry to undertake Biosecurity functions
  • Provide documented processes, training, Assurance, Validation to meet biosecurity auditable processes

Biosecurity Approved Premises

  • Assist Approved premises with upgraded premises requirements
  • Work with Approved Premises in attaining third party Biosecurity Function arrangements
  • Assisting new approved premises attain approval

Export Commodity

  • Lodge Request for Permit (RFP) Applications


  • Provide the Import and Export industry with the compliance required to meet the assurances expected from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
  • Consult with the Department of Agriculture and Water resources on Biosecurity matters

Biosecurity training and Assessment

  • Design and delivery of tailored Biosecurity training packages to allow industry to meet Biosecurity assurance and compliance

Import Permits

  • Biosecurity Import permit application and lodgement

Import Commodity research and analysis

  • Catalogue Analysis
  • Commodity Biosecurity risk identification
  • Consult with the Dept of Ag in the rectification of Biosecurity Profile inconsistency

Illegal Logging

  • Assistance in Risk assessment documentation
  • Provide consistent governance documentation

Contact us do discuss your Biosecurity facilitation requirements and to ensure your goods are allowed to enter or leave Australia.

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