Freight Forwarder Customs Clearance

Local Knowledge, Global Capabilities

Keep Goods on the Move, Not Tangled in Red Tape

Are you a freight forwarder, frustrated with the delays and constant rule changes that need to be negotiated when bringing goods into the country?

We do not Freight Forward.
It's in our Terms and Conditions!

At 3D Logistics, we work with freight forwarders to provide supply chain solutions that relieve these common pain points, while helping to improve your cash flow and profitability.

We understand how crucial it is for you to provide a reliable, comprehensive service to your own clients. As a 100% Australian, family owned and operated business, wholesale customs clearance is not just a job for us - it's our passion - and we pride ourselves on delivering a professional service that integrates seamlessly into your company's operations.

From minimising your duty, to navigating changes in Tariff Concession Orders, preparing for a customs audit, quarantine and more - our highly experienced Customs Brokers ensure your company stays compliant. There's a reason we were the first Australian Wholesale Customs clearance service to be awarded Australian Trusted Trader status in 2017!

With us, you can be confident of a service that is:


With each of our licensed Customs Brokers possessing an average of 28 years' experience, we're knowledgeable and stay abreast of any changes to customs legislation.

Quality Control.

We maintain our high standard by auditing 5% of all our staff entries, and reward our team for work that is quality vs. quantity.


Our team is entirely Australia-based - never offshore - which means all of your clients' sensitive information and trade secrets are kept local for use by our staff for intended purposes only. Our commercial confidentiality extends to air-tight staff contracts, and IT systems capable of recording every keystroke.


36-hour turnaround on sea freight clearances, and 12 hours on air freight. We also understand urgent timelines and can work with you on these deadlines as needed.


Keep track of all your data and progress in real-time thanks to the latest technology. Plus, our advanced integrations and automations keep things streamlined: Simply book your customs clearance with us directly through Cargowise, Expedient, Tradewindow or your in-house system.


Absorb our competitive fees into your project fees, and reap the financial benefits of meeting customs clearance deadlines. No more frustrating delays!


You choose the licensed Customs Broker best suited to your needs.

Like to learn more about how our Freight Forwarder Customs Clearance service can help streamline your business operations? Contact 3D Logistics today on (07) 3268 1797.