Wholesale Customs Australian Border Force Clearance

Wholesale Customs (Border) Clearance Partner, The Corporate Brokers Locum - Onshore Compiling.

What we do is our passion, not just a job

We do not Freight Forward.
It's in our Terms and Conditions!

The Freight Forwarders Customs (Border) Clearance Partner

36 Hour Sea-freight & 12 hour Air-freight, (we also recognise the need for expedited emergencies) KPI's for completed entries and Invoicing achieved 99% of the time.

No more Invoicing Delays / Disbursement outlays / cash flow issues caused by just in time Clearance services.

We are a dedicated Customs Clearance / Border Clearance Service, offering our qualifications, skills and expertise to Freight Forwarders.

We are your Customs Department, without all the Legislative,
Regulatory and Financial headaches that go with it!

The Corporate Brokers Locum

We are pioneers in Sub Contracting Formal Import Declarations (FID's) for Corporate Customs Brokers. In addition, we are Corporate Members of / and embraced by the FTA / IFCBAA and IFCBA.

A new concept introduced to an aging Profession that, in times of high Volume or Leave, transfers the compliance risk from the Corporate Broker needing a Locum service to the 3DL Corporate License and their neutral nominees.

3DL has Air Tight Employment contracts, specifically written for our modern model (Thank you Mr Andrew Hudson) with a heavy emphasis on Commercial Confidentiality. Our IT systems have capabilities to record every key stroke or action a staff member makes, whilst within our environment. We also sign No approach / No work agreements with clients wanting this added security.

Our Sub-contract model replaces the old school Locum / Labour hire placement model, which means we are 100% compliant in our approach to filling industry skills shortages. The old school model, Locum / Labour hire placement has been confirmed as acting outside of S183CD requirements by the Director of Broker Licensing, meaning if you operate in this manner, you are creating yourself and your clients a business risk.

We have Australia's only searchable database of Licensed Customs Brokers. Our brokers have over 600 years of combined experience with an average of greater than 16 service years, in all commodities and in all size organizations. This means we have the qualifications, capabilities and expertise a modern business expects and should be demanding from a collaborator offering professional Border Clearance services.

Choose your preferred Broker - If you have a specific need or skill set requirement, our publicly available database allows you to find the right person for the job. Check out our "Find a Broker" button below.

We are specialists in our field, and we are receiving glowing reviews from all our clients for each of the different services we are providing the International Trading Community. These are listed below:

Customs duty minimization and management, including audits to ensure only the minimum amount of customs duty legally due has been paid;

  • Tariff Classification Rulings and Reviews
  • Tariff Concession Order System
  • Customs Duty Management Plans
  • Customs Tariff Classification
  • Customs Valuation Rulings
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Preferential Tariffs
  • Origin Rulings
  • Duty Drawbacks
  • Anti-Dumping and Countervailing duties
  • Applications and advice for Trusted Trader Scheme, including compliance audits
  • Customs Compliance
  • Compliance Management Plans and audits
  • Customs Penalties and Prosecutions
  • Import Restrictions and Prohibitions
  • Commerce marking
  • Intellectual Property and Trademarks
  • Policy By-Laws
  • Certain Inputs to Manufacture (CIM)
  • Space Concessions

With our experienced team, you know you are in good hands.

"Local Knowledge, Global Capabilities"

At 3DL, we understand the importance of technology; an accurate and rapid flow of information is a critical requirement to ensure the smooth and predictable movement of freight. 3DL exchanges data in real time with our customers and other partners, enabling us to provide the very highest level of service.

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