Who We Are

We are a Premium Wholesale Customs Clearance Provider

3DL - Logistics At A Glance

"Local Knowledge, Global Capabilities"

We are the Premium Wholesale Clearance Provider.
We are dedicated to the craft that is Customs Brokerage.
We do not Freight Forward and are a proven 100% Neutral Border Clearance Provider for Industry.
We are Australia's first and only Wholesale Broker to have been awarded Australian Trusted Trader Status.
We are specialists in our field.
We have access to global networks.
We are great listeners.
We are excellent and qualified logisticians
We have a innovative business model.
We adapt to our client's specific needs.

Trade and Tariff Consultancy

Don't trust your customer supply chain entries to "cheap and easy" alternatives.

They are too complex for that.

Use us!

We are the professionals. We look at the big picture and the detail.

We tailor each plan to meet the needs and desired outcomes of your clients.

It's our commitment to ensure your supply chain, big or small, is fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations.

We are committed to tailoring procedures to your operational needs.

Our People